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Scented Candles

Scented Candles

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Candle You Like to buy All Handmade Stuff with Pure Soy wax.

Candle from only natural soy wax. The shape, scent, and color are all custom made to your wishes(Queries on Whatsapp). You can choose your favorite from above candles shapes and 20 scents! The candles are not packaged, but can be gift-wrapped for an additional charge. The candles are made to order and will take approximately 3-4 working days to ship.
Classical, timeless. 

New in our sculptural candle collection, the elegant Sphere soy candles available in Differnt Shape & Sizes. Large and Medium. 

Our candles are individually hand-poured in small batches with a high quality soy wax.

☆ Description ☆

- Handmade with 100% Natural Soy wax.
- 100% Cotton wicks.
- Eco-friendly and sustainable wax. 
- Phthalate-free and paraffin-free
- Small batches

A set of wedding cake-shaped candles with a bride that is the best match for wedding gifts. On top of the cake is a pumpkin carriage that appears in Cinderella. Cakes and brides can be made in your favorite colors.

☆ More ☆

We use a high quality soy wax with a minor signs of frosting, probably the best wax in the. market, 100% natural but please also be advised "frosting" may occur and this is not a fault in the candle. This is a natural effect of using 100% soy wax and does not, in any way, impact the performance of your candle.

☆ Dimensions ☆

* Weight L: 240gr
* Weight M: 159gr
* Material: 100% eco soy wax
* Color: Creamy
* Size L: 8 x 8 cm 
* Size M: 7 x 7 cm 


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